5 minutes of Fame with Kaylah Oniwo and Temilistic Temi of Coolfm.

November 13, 2016 0 Comments

Let it be on record that I met two of my radio superheroes today at #GTBankFashionWeekend. So people don't forget the date which is 12/11/2016.

While all the participants were busy enjoying the event ambience I was busy enjoying the voice of my superheroes coming through speakers inside the hall.

At first, I was in doubt either it is them or not until Supersexy hero Kaylah like she usually praise herself stepped out of the hall radio boot and I said to myself "I knew it is her voice" referring to Temilistic Temi's voice then I told my acquaintance to excuse me I need to meet my radio superheroes, I wish they were all present at the event.

So I approached the two of them beside the radio boot introduced myself and told them I listened to them all at Coolfm969 for 2 years to learn how to present on radio and I enjoyed every seconds of listening to their shows and I learnt so much.

How they responded you asked, they were like seriously! and I was like yes! So I asked how to meet Daddy Freeze and Kaylah suggested that I should send him a mail. Should I do that? Definitely will.

So a man volunteered to take the pictures with my phone and here comes the result

So if there is something I achieved at #GTBankFashionWeekend 2016 it is the gracious opportunity of 5 minutes of fame I enjoyed with Kaylah Oniwo and Temilistic Temi of Coolfm969. Can't wait to meet Daddy Freeze, Do2dtun and Mannie. Love you guys. I must say they are exactly how they behave on radio especially Temiolola Balogun Akinmuda.

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