Nigerians Decide LGA: Polling Boot Centres Are Empty.

July 22, 2017 0 Comments

The wait is over for Nigerians to elect the candidate they believe is worthy to be their leader at the grass root level of government know as Local Government Areas.

Today Nigerians are expected to come out and vote for the candidate of their choice at the provided polling boots in their respective locality to decides who will be the next Local Government Chairman and councillor of their areas respectively.

But it is so unfortunate that in some areas of Lagos State people have refused to vote!

According to some pictures we received the turn out was drastically low.

Despite total shutdown of businesses and restriction in Lagos to enhance security and peaceful electoral exercise, it seems people have decided to turn a blind eyes to the subject matter.

However, some says this administration has not fulfilled their promises while some claimed Nigeria economy condition is not encouraging, yet some blamed it all on bad governance and politicians; saying they are baskets that cannot hold a drop of water no need of wasting their efforts and time.

And this prompted the question, can this election be free and fare?

RainSegzy Lasisi

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