Adire Eleko and Batik at GTBank Fashion Weekend. Part1

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We love Ankara and Kampala so much in Nigeria because they are unique but Kampala is more expensive and more unique than Ankara due to the way it is made and it looks plus it add that cultural look to our human beauty.


"Ankara Fabric commonly known as “African Prints”,”African Wax Prints” “Holland Wax” and “Dutch Wax” , is a 100% cotton fabricwith vibrant patterns. It is usually a colorful cloth and is primarily associated with Africa because of its tribal-like patterns and motifs." -


"Genuine African prints are generally 100% cotton. They are worn across the continent of Africa, most especially, in West Africa. Tie-Dye is generally believed to be one of the earliest forms of African print. Tie-Dye is a process of tying and dyeing clothing or fabrics (usually cotton) to give distinctive patterns." -

Meanwhile, Kampala in Yoruba is called "Adire" which means Ty-Dye and that brought me to the two types of Ty-Dye I saw at GTBank Fashion Weekend which are Adire Eleko (Pap Ty-Dye ) and Batik.


BATIK : "Batik (Javanese pronunciation: [ˈbateʔ]; Indonesian: [ˈbatɪk]) is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique." - Wikipedia.


Adire Eleko (Pap Ty-Dye) : " Most of these cloths are adire eleko, created using a starch resist technique, a few are created using shibori type methods of stitching, tying, and folding the fabric prior to dyeing in indigo." -

At the just concluded GTBank Fashion Weekend I met Olori A. Sule a representative of Nike Gallery who's a professional in Adire Eleko production. I met her making one so I decided to watch how she does it for some minutes before I approached her to ask some questions.

Olori A. Sule explained how to make Adire Eleko briefly. She said you will lay down your fabric on a table then you make your pap and after the pap is cold then you can use a feather or tiny brush to touch the pap and apply it on the cotton fabric you already spread on the table. As you apply the pap (visit to learn how to make paper) on the fabric you can make any design of your choice. Taking of making two colour Adire Eleko, she said first you will Dye the fabric and do the pap designs afterwards.

According to Olori Sule, it only takes 3 months to be an Adire Eleko expert only if the person is smart she added.

Below are pictures of Olori A. Sule at work

Olori A. Sule

Olori A. Sule making Adire Eleko

Olori A. Sule in a distance shot.

All ready made Adire Eleko by Olori A. Sule

Colored Adire Eleko made by Olori A. Sule

The Pap in plastic with feathers use for making Adire Eleko.

Watch out for Adire Eleko and Batik at GTBank Fashion Weekend. Part 2

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