Omoakin set instagram ablaze with #twerkforme dance competition.

November 22, 2016 0 Comments

One of Nigerian dope singers created an instagram dance competition which he tagged #twerkforme and I think he is about to set instagram ablaze as dancers from different part of Africa has been uploading short video of themselves twerking hard with Omoakin music at the background.

Trust me you gat to see this
Here is the competition announcement image posted on IG by Omoakin
Credit: IG

So he posted the image and dancers do the twerk, why won't they? We are talking about a 1000 US dollars right here! With dollar rate on the high side and recession that will take care of so many bills and more.
I have got a video of one of the contestants below do visit omoakin instagram timeline to see more.

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