Woman who cursed Donjazzy on social media concerning marriage said it is a joke.

November 27, 2016 , 0 Comments

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Few days ago one of Donjazzy's crazy wanna be girlfriends said bluntly on internet that she will not marry any man if the Mavin boss did not marry her and also added that Donjazzy will not marry any woman except her.

According vanguard, the subject who's name is Olaide Abiola has announced via her social media account that it is all a joke. Stating she only needed some media attention.

“My dear, it’s just a joke, but look at the way it went viral! Yes, I’m not kidding it was a joke. I actually wanted the fame and I got it, I just want to be known because I’m going into acting soon”, she said.

That simply means some people will do anything possible to be famous. The mother of one, has been celebrating her quick fame on social media and also been throwing stone at her internet haters.

Good for you girl, enjoy it while it last.

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