Image of fake basmati rice munched from the video of a Nigerian lady who fall victim of plastic rice.

It has been confirmed that Plastic rice is now available in Nigeria. Please take necessary precautions before you purchase raw rice.

According to reports, the rice is made in China and it is now available in Nigeria. So please people whenever you want to buy rice either raw or cooked please be sure it is not plastic rice before you purchase and consume.


 1) Drop some rice in one glass of water and stirs a little bit, if it is plastic rice it will float.

2) Take some rice ans burn it using matchbox. If it is fake or has fake rice mixed with it, the fake rice will small like a burning plastic.

3). If you have purchased it already boil some and leave it for 2 to 3 days. It will not decay if it is fake rice.

4). Drop some rice in hot oil of about 200 degrees temperature. If the rice is fake, it will met and will not float.

5). Checking by boiling. You can also check while boiling the rice. The fake rice doesn't have aroma like original rice.

*Please warn your child or children not to eat rice outside.

*When you buy cooked rice from a restaurant cut some pieces of the rice with your spoon as fake rice will not easily cut using spoon remember it is plastic.

*Lastly, don't trust anyone when it come to food as food can out smart anyone. Even the seller may be ignorant of it. So watch out.

Now you how to differentiate plastic rice from normal rice.

Below is video of a lady who fall victim 0f plastic rice. Watch to know more. Goodluck! May God protect us all.

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