Miss Fashion Week Africa FACE OF THE WEEK

December 04, 2016 , 0 Comments

Miss Fashion Week Africa Face of the week is on.
This is an opportunity for your Selfie to appear on our Instgram, Facebook, Twitter and Website for one week! Imagine your face stealing the spotlights and gazes of our internationally populated online platforms!
To take part, all you need to do is take a beautiful selfie, post it on either your facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile, with the hashtag #missfashionweekafrica, and your selfie could be selected as Miss Fashion Week Africa Face of the week to be published on all our social media platforms!
NB: To get noticed quickly, endeavor to post your selfie with the #missfashionweekafrica on these 3 social media handles; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Let the Selfies begin!!!

(This is not a recent contest... the post is for record purpose. Look out for Miss Fashion Week Africa 2017 contest on this site. Thanks for visiting)

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