Miss Fashion Week Commitment to Philanthropy

December 04, 2016 , 0 Comments

The Miss Fashion Week organization is dedicated to support the education of African youth. We are strong believers that we need to empower the youth with the right knowledge and tools to build up solid foundations for themselves starting at an early age. Beauty is from within, which also applies to our title holders. 
All of Miss Fashion Week contestants are represent advocates of youth education and empowerment, especially in an area like Africa where women/girls are not treated equally and not getting the education they deserve. We're very excited and looking forward to our 2017 visit to Africa with our title holder. 
During this trip we will provide assistance to schools in Africa with donations and supplies. A percentage of your sponsorship in support of the Miss Fashion Week finale event will go towards the support of our mission for the youth in Africa. We will provide all sponsors a report in regards to our mission progress and accomplishment. Sponsors will be mentioned in all press releases for the matter of the mission. Copies of photos and related media materials can be obtained as well.
To learn more about Miss Fashion Week Africa, visit www.missfashionweekafrica.com or www.missfw.com 

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