It is Big Brother Naija not Big Brother South Africa - Nigerians call Multi choice for answers.

January 25, 2017 , , 0 Comments

After a long wait for Big Brother Nigeria reality TV show to return it finally came back but with a big slap on the face of the country it shares name with.

The reality TV show commenced shooting recently but it is been shot in South Africa.

Nigerian Minister for information, Lai Muhammed who lamented on how Nigerians bombarded his office with calls seeking answers why the highly anticipated Multi-Choice reality TV show is been shot in SA.

The Minister has directed National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting of the on going Nigeria star making reality TV show in South Africa.

According to the statement released on Tuesday in Abuja, Lai Muhammed said NBC should determine whether the shooting of the show in South Africa has breached the Nigerian Broadcasting code in anyway.

Meanwhile, he also urge Nigerians to allow NBC and the government to handle the situation legally.

"As a country of laws, only the outcome of NBC investigation can determine our next line of action " - Lai Muhammed. 

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