Good people go to hell, where do bad people go to? Ask Brymo.

January 25, 2017 , 0 Comments

Nigeria singer who's album titled 'Klitorius' has come again with another unbelievable twitter post. Known for his good music and life professor tweets on twitter it is no doubt we can never have enough of him.

This time around the eleforo singer didn't just play with words but wished himself what we think any human will never wished for

Brymo revealed he will go straight to hell after death. Why? 

According to him, good people go there after their death. He took to Twitter on January 23, 2017, saying, "When I die I am going straight to hell, its where all the good people go." (pulse NG

Now the question is if all good people go to hell, please where will the bad people go to?

His album, Klĭtôrĭs, was released on May 9 2016. It comprised of 11 tracks and was preceded by the lead single "Happy Memories". (

We guess Brymo's fans should look out for something new and fresh from him soon just that you might not be able to get it for the usual price as Brymo detests selling of albums for 150 naira. 

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