Stop glorifying fraudsters with your song - Falz vs 9ice on "Living things". Who is right? Nigerians decides.

June 24, 2017 , , , 0 Comments

Yesterday, Nigerian music Artist and actor; Falz set twitter ablaze after an interview he had with one of Nigerian online prominent magazine TV surfaced online.

In the interview, Falz admonished is music counterparts in the industry to stop praising Yahoo fraudsters with their music.

However, Nigerians have linked Falz thebardguy statement with 9ice's latest hit single titled Living Things due to the content of the song.

This above mentioned statement got Nigerians tweeting as they share opinions as per who is right or wrong.

See the video below for Falz statement.

Nobody could tell either truly Falz was referring to 9ice's hit single Living Things or not but the video below presents 9ice response to the subject.

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