Stand Up For Y.O.U -(Yourself, Others, Unborn child). Series 1

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Banky W lyrics that goes -
" I promise to love you,
I promise I will there for you,
my unborn child
to my unborn child eh! Eh!

Alright, if you subtract the eh! Eh! what you will have is a lyrics made out of a deep indoor state of mind. Which got me thinking, if Olubankole Wellington could think of something like this during his reign as the president of bachelors in Nigeria; how much more now that he is engaged to our beloved Adesuwa Etomi.
What a man?

What am i saying? I am saying we make our world what it is. I cannot imagine myself being a lawyer and my neighbour is being punished illegally or maltreated and fold my hands, do nothing about it.

If Nigeria will be better you and I have to take a stand for an absolute yes! or no!

One sunny morning, I turned on my radio to listen to my favorite morning show as usual, only to hear an eyewitness a woman was in traffic, took her time to reported a very disturbing incident that happened in front of her that morning.

According to her, a guy attacked a lady in a car right in front of her in a gridlock at Marina road in Lagos and nobody could do anything to rescue the woman.

Now this is my analysis: One man against about 100 of vehicles stocked in a stand still traffic jam of four lane road in which each lane will probably consist of at least four to five commercial buses conveying about 20 passengers plus a driver and conductor making 22 persons inside each buses with different kinds of cars on that same road. Yet nobody could stop the menace from happening. Absolutely surprising!

So I asked myself, what kind of society are we creating for ourselves?

To buttress my point further, a radio presenter shared a story of herself almost molested by a man by the road side at night. Meanwhile, there were two security men inside the building opposite the spot she was being victimized watching her scream her throat out for help! But they didn't make a move to rescue her. The painful part of this awful story was that she was later helped by some white men coincidentally passing by at that time. I was shocked to my bone! I couldn't believed my eyes that some people could be that heartless.

My analysis again: two security men, couldn't stop a rapist from achieving his mischievous act.

I know some people would say it is out of their jurisdiction. But in human sense, are they supposed to pretend they don't know something bad is going on? What if it is someone from their family, would they have turn a blind eyes to the matter?

Again, what kind of society are we creating for ourselves.

Tell me something, if you don't or can't stand up for me why should i do the same for you?

Standing up for someone in time of trouble doesn't really mean you should be rebellious. There are several clever ways to be a hero without forming Superman.

Remember, it could be your turn tomorrow. What would you have me do? Help you or become Mr. Lookman?

Think about it.

RainSegzy Lasisi

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.